Professional Affiliations

National Association of Plan Advisors (NAPA)

The National Association of Plan Advisors, an affiliate organization of the American Retirement Association, was created by and for retirement plan advisors. Membership is also open to other retirement industry professionals who support the interests of plan advisors.

While the financial services industry is well represented in Washington by a number of trade associations that weigh in on issues affecting advisors, NAPA is the only advocacy group exclusively focused on the issues that matter to retirement plan advisors. This exclusive focus is what sets NAPA apart.

As a professional society, NAPA is uniquely committed to seven core principles of advisors serving employer-sponsored retirement plans:

  1. The retirement industry is in transition and NAPA is a leader for positive change.
  2. NAPA’s core purpose is to enhance retirement security in America.
  3. NAPA members focus on providing high quality, professional advice to retirement plans and/or their participants.
  4. NAPA members are committed to leading the transition to a more transparent, effective, professionally governed retirement system.
  5. NAPA members may serve as either fiduciaries or non-fiduciaries, but are committed to clearly disclosing their fiduciary or non-fiduciary status to their ERISA retirement plan clients.
  6. NAPA members pledge to comply with all requirements relating to retirement plans that are or will be required by the SEC, DOL, or any other governing agencies.
  7. NAPA members pledge to maintain ethical standards in their representation of plan sponsor and participant clients and will strive to service them under a process that puts their clients’ interests first.

Membership offers three valuable benefits: advocacy, business intelligence, and networking – all designed to keep plan advisors in the forefront of the industry and help them succeed.

* Both Anthony Fiorenza and Derek Fiorenza in affiliation with Summit Group Retirement Planners, Inc. are members of the National Association of Plan Advisors (NAPA).


Retirement Advisor Council: Advocating for Successful Retirement Plan Outcomes

The Council advocates for successful qualified plan and participant retirement outcomes through the collaborative efforts of experienced, qualified retirement plan advisors, investment firms and asset managers, and defined contribution plan service providers.

The Council accomplishes this mission by its focus on:

  • Identification of duties, responsibilities and attributes of the professional retirement plan advisor.
  • Sharing our professional standards with plan sponsors who are responsible for the success of their plans.
  • Providing collective thought capital to decision makers, product providers, legislators and the public.
  • Giving voice to the retirement plan advisor community.
  • Tools to evaluate advisors, ensuring the quality of services needed for successful retirement outcomes.

* Derek Fiorenza is a member of the Retirement Advisor Council: Advocating for Successful Retirement Plan Outcomes.