Fiorenza's Food For Friends (F4)

<strong>F4's Vision</strong>

F4's Vision

Our Vision is to Create a World without Hunger!

<strong>F4's Mission</strong>

F4's Mission

F4 strives to accomplish it's Vision of eradicating world hunger by connecting sources of food to recipients in need through food recovery and food drives. 

<strong>F4 Food Drives</strong>

F4 Food Drives

F4 partners with businesses, other non-profit organizations, neighborhoods, and individuals to confidante non-perishable food drives to benefit local food banks and shelters in need at no cost.

<strong>F4 Food Rescue</strong>

F4 Food Rescue

F4 partners with restaurants, caterers, farmers, food producers, food distributors, food manufacturers, and other sources of food production to procure and rescue food that would otherwise be discarded and then distribute to food banks and shelters to feed those in need.

<strong>F4 Serving in the Community</strong>

F4 Serving in the Community

F4 has several ways in which they connect with the community.  In terms of service, they provide and serve food to shelters to feed the hungry.  They also run a cooking program for shelters as well as transport food to those in need.  

<strong>Derek Fiorenza Invest in Others IiO 2017 Catalyst Award Finalist</strong>

Derek Fiorenza Invest in Others IiO 2017 Catalyst Award Finalist

Derek Fiorenza was nominated and became a 2017 Catalyst Award Finalist for the Invest in Others Award.  This nomination was for his work with the non-profit organization F4 which he founded in 2011.  Below is a link to his nomination on the Invest in Others website.