Our Vision

We Believe Every American Deserves an Opportunity to Retire Debt Free and with Dignity.

Summit Group Retirement Planners, Inc. was founded with the goal of serving employer's and employees as specialists in retirement plans. We are striving to create the ultimate retirement planning experience one relationship at a time. Every relationship matters and every person we have the opportunity to serve is important to us.  We deeply care about each relationship.  We view our clients as our professional partners, and we are motivated to create an engaging experience through humble heartfelt service and compassionate guidance to all of those plan sponsors and employees we serve.  

We are a CEFEX Certified Advisory Firm and adhere to Best Fiduciary Practices when serving our clients.

We collaborate with employers on the design features, installation, communication, and ongoing servicing needs of their retirement plans. We focus on assisting the investment committee to maintain a compliant plan.  We have the ability to serve as 3(21) Co-Fiduciaries or 3(38) Investment Managers with the plan sponsor.  We deliver these services collaboratively by partnering with the appropriate Recordkeeper and Third Party Administrator (TPA) to create a unique personalized experience for the retirement program.

We are passionate about serving plan participants through interactive and relevant financial education.  We believe financial literacy is a critical component of our service model. We help prepare employees for their eventual retirement by reviewing their deferral rates and discussing strategies to increase them over time. Additionally, we have holistic and confidential conversations around budgeting, debt consolidation, credit repair, and loan reviews.  We also help facilitate introductions to accountants for taxes, property and casualty insurance agents to help provide home and auto insurance reviews, and estate planning attorneys to help establish their wills.